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You Are Not Alone by Matthew Hoffman - Women's Cut

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Blue Ink on  Women's Black Tee 

Design by Matthew Hoffman

Artist Statement:

I was reading up on Rough Sleepers, and found this sentiment in multiple articles. 

“She would say that the best thing we could do is not pass by people without looking at them,” he said. “And that you should just acknowledge their presence. That alone would change the lives of many many people. Now that feels like you’re not doing much, but I think that is wisdom beyond wisdom.”

"When you see someone on the streets and they're asking for something... the most important thing is to not look away from them, just look them in the eye," O'Connell said. If you don't want to give them money, offer a Dunkin' Donuts gift card, he said. Most importantly, acknowledge them and honor their humanity.