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The Long Arc by Jeannine Ringland Zwirn

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Design by Jeannine Ringland Zwirn

Bright Blue Ink on Black Unisex T-Shirt

Artist Statement:

Martin Luther King was echoing the words of the 19th century abolitionist and minister, Theodore Parker.  Parker tells us that he cannot see the entire arc, “My eye reaches but little ways” and we only on a small path of this arc.  We must remember that behind the words of both men is the need to work continually towards justice and peace.  The arc will not bend towards justice without the the long term effort of everyday people like us.

Artist Bio:

After a long career in corporate sales, Jeannine now works for Daily Planet and uses her retail sales skills at Giveashirt.  She has been a potter at Lill Street Studios for over 20 years.